Jackets and Fleeces


The Silver Star Kit Shop is proud to offer jackets and fleeces which can be embroidered with a crest of your choice and your name on the left sleeve. Cost is $100 each.

We have a choice of Lightweight Soft Shell and Fleece Jackets. Please click on the links to download more information. If more information is required, data sheets from the manufacturer can be downloaded from here for the Soft Shell Jacket and here for the Fleece (note that some details, such as colours available, are out of date on the manufacturer’s data sheets). All are available in a number of sizes and colours.

Samples shown below.

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Two crests are currently available: the CMIA Crest and the Intelligence Star and Maple Leaf Motif. Both are ~3½ inches high, the CMIA Crest is 2¾ inches wide while the Star and Leaf are ~3½" wide (note that the crest for CMIA is actually dark green). Custom crests for units and other purposes can also be reproduced; high-quality artwork will be required. Please contact us for details.

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Name Scripts

A number of different scripts are available for embroidery, samples can be downloaded here. Default location is the upper right sleeve, please let us know if you wish the name embroidered in another location or if you want additional embroidery work (please note that extra costs will apply for any additional work).

A full range of thread colours is available.

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Ordering Process

Note that, to reduce their shipping costs, our supplier normally requires that we order in batches of at least 4 to 5 items. We may hold orders temporarily (but no more than 1 month) until we have sufficient numbers. Once we have received sufficient orders, we will then invoice you.

Full payment will be required prior to us ordering your item. If payment is not received within 1 week, we will not order your item but will wait until our next invoicing cycle and try again. If payment is not received in the second invoicing cycle, we will consider your order cancelled.

Once payment is received, it will take 4 to 5 weeks for us to receive your item. If there are additional delays (e.g. due to production errors) we will let you know. Note that, given their nature, once an item is ordered from our suppliers, the payment is non-refundable.

Thus, it can take up to 8-10 weeks to prepare your order.

Note that, due to their size and weight, orders will ship by Parcel Post only.

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1. Electronic signatures on the form indicates that the customer has read and understood these conditions.

2. The customer is responsible for providing the correct information on the order form, including, but not limited to: proper sizing, colour, crest, name style and thread colour, and spelling of names, etc.

3. The customer acknowledges that production may take some time and may be subject to delays beyond the Kit Shop’s control.

4. The customer has read and understood the terms outlined in the ordering process section.

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Order Form

Jackets and fleeces can be ordered using the PDF form downloaded here. Once complete, save the form and email it to us at silverstarkit@gmail.com.

Please add in the email any special requests, such as extra embroidery. Ensure that you have read and understand the conditions above.

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