About Us

History of the Silver Star Kit Shop

The Silver Star Kit Shop was formed as an element of the Intelligence Branch Association in the 1980s. With the move of the new Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence to Kingston in 2000, the Kit Shop left its former home in the Thunderbird Club of the Canadian Forces School of Intelligence and Security. Following the move, the Association and the School worked together to resolve Kit Shop issues; however, administrative and financial problems arose with these arrangements.

By 2005, continuing problems threatened the continued existence and financial sustainability of the Kit Shop. The Association and School decided that the best option for the Shop's long-term survivability and financial well-being was to take it private. The Kit Shop thus became an independent business – albeit one which still saw its primary function as the provision of kit and services to the Branch and Association. The relationship between the three entities is set out in a formal written agreement. While a private business, the Kit Shop still strives to provide support to both the Branch and the Association. In the beginning of 2012, moved to Ottawa and tranitioned to a Web-based capability.

The Owner

Joining the CF 1981, Trevor Cave was employed as an infantryman in 2 RCR Gagetown until 1989. In 1990 he remustered to Intelligence Operator, remaining in that occupation until his retirement in 2009 at the rank of Master Warrant Officer. In the course of his career in Intelligence, he worked at all levels – from the tactical to the grand strategic – and enjoyed postings to Petawawa, Kingston, London (England) and Ottawa. After his retirement, Trevor has been employed aat Canada Command Headquarters and, following its standup, at the Canadian Joint Operations Command.

Trevor has been an extremely active member of the Association since the 1990s. From 1995 until 1998 he served as the Treasurer. In 2002, upon his return from England, he was asked by the Executive to again take up the duties of Treasurer and served in that post for the following 13 years-making him the longest serving member of the Executive/Board of Directors. During his tenure, Trevor initiated many financial reforms to allow the Association to gain long-term financial stability and sustainability.

Mission of the Kit Shop

The Kit Shop is established, maintained and operated to provide, at reasonable cost, Branch- and Association-related merchandise primarily, but not exclusively, for members of the Association and Branch. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • providing wares that promote pride in our Branch and Association;
  • providing specific kit items required for CF DEU and Mess Kit uniforms at a minimum cost;
  • act as an agent for the purchase and sale of Association or Branch materials bearing the imprint of the Association or Branch name or related insignia or devices;
  • providing assistance to the Association and the Branch in the development of wares for the use of the Association and the Branch as membership premiums;
  • developing those wares desired by Association or Branch members for private purchase; and
  • acquiring and providing to the Association or the Branch, on a cost-only basis, any items required to meet specific needs.