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Important Notices

  • Plaques
  • Updated Web Page
  • Issue with "Submit Order" Button
  • Changeover to New Army Kit
  • Addresses
  • Plaques

    We are now offering plaques which can be used to mount and display one or two challenge coins or which include a pewter branch badge.

    The wooden portions of these plaques are made from wood locally sourced in the Ottawa area and are handcrafted in our own workshops.

    Coin plaques can be ordered without coins or coins can be ordered seperately and mounted by us.

    Plaques can be ordered from our "Presentation" page from the "Products" menu.

    Issue with "Submit Order Button

    For reasons unknown to us, the "Submit Order" button gets amnesia and forgets what it is supposed to do. We are attempting to find out what is causing this and have installed tracking software on the site in an attempt to determine the cause.

    Please note that this software does not collect any data on anyone ordering but merely observes and logs any errors in the function of the button.

    Should the button fail when you are submitting an order, please email us at orders@silverstarkit.ca with details of your order and we will process it.

    Our apologies for any problems this issue may cause.

    Updated Web Page

    While our web page looks very much like it did previously, there have been some significant changes "under the hood," so to speak.

    Many of these changes have to do with our email systems. We will be closing out our previous silverstarkit@gmail.com address and are moving to two new ones: orders@silverstarkit.ca for orders and payment and inquiries@silverstarkit.ca for all other business.

    This has also required us to make changes with our bank and with PayPal to accomodate our new email system.

    While we have conducted numerous beta tests, some errors are likely. If you experience any problems, please contact us at our old gmail address which will remain active (and monitored) until the New Year.

    Changeover to New Army Kit

    C INT C/C RENS C items are now availble at CANEX: thus, we have removed all buttons and collar dogs from our website and will no longer be stocking these items.

    If you have any questions, it is requested that they be directed towards the Corps leadership: the Kit shop cannot answer any questions regarding the changeover.


    In the past, we have had Canada Post return a number of orders to us marked "Address Incomplete." In one week we had 3 orders returned for this reason. In all cases, we discovered that the customers lived in multi-unit buildings and forgot to include their apartment or unit number. In such cases, Canada Post automatically returns the package to us.

    It is highly important to verify, both when you send your original order and when we send you your invoice, that your address is full and correct. Any returned orders will be invoiced for additional shipping and handling costs before we send them back out again.