Welcome to the Silver Star Kit Shop

Welcome to the Web Site for the Silver Star Kit Shop!

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DEU Slip-ons and CADPAT Rank Badges are now in stock! Please see below for details.


Please note that, due to a major project, my time to work on the Kit Shop will be subject to some constraints over the next few months. My plan is to carry out Kit Shop activities, normally about mid-week (Wednesday or Thursday) and on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).

If possible, I will try to work on orders at other times as things permit.

I apologize for this but need to schedule some time to carry out some urgent activities.

I thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


If you are experiencing problems with the on-line ordering system, please try using Internet Explorer. Note that this site may not function properly if you are accessing it from the DWAN.


In the past month, we have had Canada Post return a number of orders to us marked "Address Incomplete." In one recent week we had 3 orders returned for this reason. In all cases, we discovered that the customers lived in multi-unit buildings and forgot to include their apartment or unit number. In such cases, Canada Post automatically returns the package to us.

It is highly important to verify, both when you send your original order and when we send you your invoice, that your address is full and correct. Any returned orders will be invoiced for additional shipping and handling costs before we send them back out again.

DEU Epaulettes

We have received our stock of DEU Epaulettes with C INT C and C RENS C titles, including the LCol C RENS C items. The wear of these items has been approved by the Director C INT C/C RENS C.

The order page is available at "DEU Epaulettes" on the Products drop-down above.


We have received our stock of CADPAT Velcro rank badges with C INT C and C RENS C titles from our supplier and sew-ons for those wearing the older slip-ons. The wear of these items has been approved by the Director C INT C/C RENS C.

The order is available at the appropriate CADPAT item on the Products drop-down above.


We are now offering plaques which can be used to mount and display one or two challenge coins or which include a pewter branch badge.

The wooden portions of these plaques are made from wood locally sourced in the Ottawa area and are handcrafted in our own workshops.

Coin plaques can be ordered without coins or coins can be ordered seperately and mounted by us.

Plaques can be ordered from our "Presentation" page from the "Products" menu.


We are now offering a series of unique handcrafted jewellry produced by a member of the Branch. Details can be found here.

Jackets and Fleeces

We are now be offering soft shell jackets and fleeces that can embroidered with either the CMIA Crest or the Intelligence Star and Maple Leaf Motif. We can also product them with other devices, please contact us for details.

These items can be ordered on our Jackets and Fleeces page.