Pricing of Uniform Items

Our objective is to provide good quality items at a reasonable cost. By agreement with the Intelligence Branch, we provide mandatory kit items for CF uniforms at minimum cost.


The Silver Star Kit Shop charges sales taxes in accordance with established federal and provincial tax rates.

Shopping Cart

We do not have an online credit card processing system upon check-out. Instead, your order is emailed to us for processing. This done for a number of reasons:

  • To allow a more accurate assessment of shipping and handling charges.
  • To allow us to ask any questions about your order before you are charged in case there are any concerns or ambiguities.

  • To allow for verification and application of the member’s discount where applicable.

Shipping and Handling Charges

Once we receive your order we will pack it and assess postage. Like us, you are probably upset at retailers who charge high costs for shipping and handling. We will not do this; you will be charged those costs – and only those costs – that we pay for the materials required to pack your shipment and for the postage that is required. We will indicate the exact cost of shipping and handling on your invoice.

Experience has shown that, for the majority of orders, handling and packaging costs approximately $1.25 and postage about $2.20.


We accept Interac, PayPal, personal cheques, money orders, and cash. Our preferred payment method is Interac.


We will accept returns if the item is defective or if the wrong item was shipped due to our error. If this is the case, please contact us for return authorization before shipping the item back to us – we will also pay the return postage. We will not pay postage for any item returned without authorization.

If the wrong item was shipped due to customer error, the customer will be responsible for return postage.


Refunds will be provided for all cases mentioned above with two exceptions. Refunds shall not be provided if the item was damaged in the return mail due to insufficient packaging on the part of the customer nor for personalized kit except for manufacturer’s defects.

Damage in Transit

Should an item be damaged in transit, please email us. Describe the damage and, if possible, provide a picture or description both describing the damage and also mention any shortfalls in packaging/handling that you believe may have led to the damage (this is to enable us to improve our techniques to avoid future problems). Upon verification of your concern, we will ship a replacement item at no cost to you.

Representational Discounts

Any purchases for representational purposes will receive a 10% discount. Please note that this is applicable only to items which may be used for such purposes (e.g. Coins, Lapel Pins) and will not apply to other items and will only apply when the quantities purchased are clearly of a number required for representation reasons and not for private ones.

To receive this representational discount, please indicate "Representational Discount" in the "Comments Section" of the order form.

The Kit Shop reserves the right to question an application for representational discounts at any time and may refuse to apply such a discount if it is determined that the discount may not be valid for a selected order. If we have concerns, we shall contact you before processing the order.

Order Cancellations

In past years, the Kit Shop has experienced a considerable number of orders that were placed but never paid for.

This has placed some administrative burdens on the Kit Shop staff and, in cases where stocks are low, have resulted in an inability for others to place orders.

Henceforth, the Kit Shop reserves the right to cancel - without notice - any orders not paid for within a month of invoicing. Note that this is not after placing teh order; it is after invoicing. While we will attempt, in the majority of cases, to provide notice of cancellation of an order, we reserve the right to waive this notice.