Uniform Information

Information on this page is mostly extracted from appropriate sections of A-DH-265-000 - CF Dress Instructions.

Army Mess Kit - Authorized Intelligence Branch Differences

The following summarizes the authorized Intelligence Branch differences from the universal Army mess kit pattern:

  • - Midnight Green facings.
  • - Silver Officer's cuff embellishment (Note - Field Officer ranks only).
  • - Surgeon cuffs.
  • - Midnight Green waistcoat for officers.
  • - Midnight Green trousers/skirt.
  • - Scarlet Intelligence Branch cummerbund.
  • - Wellingtons.
  • - No gloves.
  • - Silver embroidered rank insignia and, for Senior Officers (Major and above), silver Russian Braid on shoulder straps and Sleeve trefoils ("crow's feet") on sleeves.

Army Mess Kit Rank Insignia

The following table provides an indication of the various devices required for Canadian Army Mess Kit. Note that Branch/Corps deviations from Standard Army devices may apply - Ensure that you order appropriate devices.

Note that quantities given are for a complete uniform set.

Rank Pips Crowns
OCdt (Note White Tape is added behind rank device)
Second Lieutenant

The following image provides an example of the new mess kit insignia for an Intelligence Branch Lieutenant Colonel. Note that the silver braid edging is authorized for senior officers (Major and above) only. This braid is the same as that used for sleeve trefoils ("crow's feet") also used for senior officer and should be available at any military tailor.

RCAF and RCN Intelligence Branch Mess Kit

RCAF and RCN personnel shall wear the appropriate RCAF/RCN mess kit. The following authorized Intelligence Branch differences from universal Service mess kit patterns apply

  • - RCAF/RCN Branch members may wear Branch shirt studs and cuff links.
  • - RCAF Branch members may wear either the RCAF tartan cummerbund or waistcoat or the scarlet Intelligence Branch cummerbund.
  • - RCN Branch members may wear either the white RCN waistcoat or the scarlet Intelligence Branch cummerbund.